Solve the problem of win7 boot menu garbled



All Chinese in the boot menu is displayed as garbled, no problem in English, that is, use ghost restore is also useless (the boot menu of Ghost backup system is not Garbled).


In general, garbled problems are caused by incorrect encoding settings. The key is to find out how the encoding is set.


Run cmd as an administrator and execute the following command:

bcdboot c:\\Windows /l zh-cn

About bcdboot The usage of the command is as follows:

C:\\Users\\ptz>bcdboot /?

Bcdboot - Bcd Startup file creation and repair tool.

The bcdboot.exe command-line tool is used to copy key startup files to the system partition and create a new system BCD store.

bcdboot <source> [/l <locale>] [/s <volume-letter>] [/v]
[/m [{OS Loader ID}]]

source Specifies the location of the Windows system root directory.

/l Specifies optional locale parameters to use when initializing BCD storage.
The default value is "Simplified Chinese".

/s Specifies an optional volume number parameter that specifies the target system partition where you want to copy the boot environment file

. The default is the system partition for the firmware ID.

/v Enables verbose mode.

/m If an operating system loader GUID is provided, this option combines the given loader
object with the system template to produce a bootable entry. Otherwise, only the global
object is merged

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