Windows 7 Resource Manager Amnesia Operation Skills


Different optimization techniques and system setup techniques have different uses for different people. Many people may be trying to solve problems that may be useless by some friends. For example, privacy protection, many friends and computers are used by one person, and such cases are rarely considered. The search history problem of Windows 7 Explorer that I want to talk about today is related to the privacy of users. Windows 7's powerful search function is quite easy to use, but the trouble is that all search history will appear in the drop-down list box. If you are using a public computer, security and privacy are a problem.

We can solve it in two ways, one manually, one is to use the software, note that if your system is Windows7 Home Basic Edition, you need to use third-party software to set up is relatively simple.

First, manually modify the Win7 system group policy settings

In the Windows7 system start menu, enter gpedit.msc in the "search" box and press Enter (or Win + R key to open the run) Enter the window, open the "Local Group Policy Editor" window, open "User Configuration → Administrative Templates → Windows Components → Windows Explorer", and find "Close in the Windows Explorer Search Box in the right pane. The "Search for the most recent search item" item, double-click to open the Properties window, select "Enabled" here, the confirmation will take effect, and the search record will not be saved automatically anymore.

Tip: The search suggestions will not be displayed when searching after closing the search history. In addition, if you need to delete the history in the address bar, just right-click on the address bar and select the "Delete History" command from the shortcut menu to clean it up.

Second, use Win7 optimization master to prohibit these functions

If you use Windows7 Home Basic Edition, there is no group policy, you can add this function from Windows7 Optimizer 1.3, you can disable the system automatically Record the search history of the resource manager. Click on the top "System Settings", then click on "System Settings" on the left, "System Settings" on the right (this should be renamed to Explorer Settings), and then check the last one: "Prohibit Explorer Search History ", finally don't forget to click the "Save Settings" button in the lower right corner.

This way, Windows 7 Explorer can also be banned from recording search history and protecting personal privacy.

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