Win8.1 upgrade Win8.1 Update easy

Since February, the news about Windows 8.1 2014 Update has been on the Internet. The download address of the Win8.1 Update file with the 64-bit version code of 9600.16596 has been exposed, and many screenshots of the version code 9601.16610 entering the RTM stage have been successfully completed. Was thrown out. Surprisingly, the upgrade from Win8.1 to Win8.1 Update is so simple that you only need to install two upgrade files to complete. The foreign Wzor forum showed us a simple graphic tutorial for upgrading Win8.1 Enterprise Edition to Win8.1 Update.

Figure 1 Microsoft Win8.1 Update RTM version has been leaked
Evaluation platform: Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition
Upgrade patch: Windows8.1-KB2919355.msu, Windows8.1-KB2919442.msu< Br>Final version: Win8.1 Update 6.3.9600.16610.WINBLUE_S14.140201-1007
Win8.1 Update RTM version download address: Portal
Win8.1 Upgrade Win8.1 Update Process:
1. Install the Windows upgrade package for Windows8.1-KB2919442.msu;

Figure 2 Install Windows8.1-KB2919442.msu

Figure 3
2.Install and configure Windows8.1-KB2919355 .msu Windows upgrade package;

Figure 4 Install Windows8.1-KB2919355.msu

Figure 5
3. After the installation is complete, restart the computer and wait for the system to configure the file.

Figure 6 Restart the computer to complete the system configuration
4. Successfully upgrade from Win8.1 Enterprise Edition to Win8.1 2014 Update RTM version (version code: Windows 8.1 Update 6.3.9600.16610)
< Br>Figure 7 Upgrade from Win8.1 Enterprise Edition to Win8.1 2014 Update RTM Edition
It is worth noting that after upgrading the system to Windows 8.1 Update RTM version, the built-in IE 11 browser is also upgraded to Version 11.0.3.

Figure 8 Built-in IE 11 browser is also upgraded together
Throughout the entire upgrade process, the Windows 8.1 2014 Update upgrade method is very simple, using a similar upgrade to Microsoft patch repair In this way, users do not need to do too many settings, just need to update online or download the offline installation package to install directly.

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