Upgraded version of Win8 weather application review

Win8 built-in weather forecast has been relatively simple, recently Microsoft has greatly upgraded this application, the new version adds real-time temperature, 7-day weather, hourly forecast, satellite cloud map, historical temperature and other functions, Enough to kill any third-party weather software. Gossip less, let's take a look at it together!

Figure 1 This is the previous Win8<;weather”, hurry to recall it~
The interface after the upgrade is obviously changed, the most eye-catching is the real-time temperature. Joined. In the new version, we can not only view real-time temperatures in the software, but also do the same with magnets. And the new version of the magnet is more beautiful than the old version, adding weather icons, and layout is more reasonable.

Figure 2 Real-time temperature is the biggest highlight of the new version

Daily forecast (the screenshot is only 5, the screen is small, click the arrow on the right to continue to display), although there is still a gap compared to the foreign 10-day forecast, but it is already too strong. To know that in the old version, multi-day forecasts can only be seen after linking to the official website.
The foreign version supports flipping up to view other source data, and provides several common indicators such as wind speed (domestic use " level "), air pressure, visibility, etc., but these do not appear in the new weather application (domestic cities) ). Only one change is particularly pleasing, that is, when your city is at night (sunny), the app automatically switches to night mode.

Figure 4 Upward scrolling multi-source data function in foreign cities, not appearing in the domestic version

Figure 5 New night mode, of course, the background is just a photo, not the real moon phase Oh~
The hourly forecast is another big point of the new version. For many users, the importance is even less than the real-time temperature. However, this method is not accurate hour by hour, and the interval between each two sets of forecast items is actually 3 hours. Although not as accurate as the foreign version (single hour), it is enough for most people. In addition to the weather, it also provides humidity and wind indicators, including a total of 48 hours.

Figure 6 The newly added "Hourly Forecast" is a favorite of technical men, and …… is actually exclusive to the Chinese! I think this is more than just a The cool design is still a bit of a use. Microsoft directly made this animated form. After clicking, it will display the satellite image of the recent period in an animation, just like the dynamic cloud image played every day on TV. Of course, if you want to see that these really need a little bit of skill, so …… is reserved for friends in need.

Figure 7 provides two illustrations of cloud image and radar

Figure 8 Cloud image is animated, just like video playback The news can be displayed directly after clicking, without having to use the browser. Of course, this stuff is not very interesting for the big guys. After all, we are not eating this bowl of rice.

Figure 9 Weather Information
Next is "Weather Forecast", which is actually the CCTV TV recording of the previous day. It feels like this is a bit of a superfluous, weather video inside the weather video again?

Figure 10 video version of the weather forecast, timeliness is good ~
“History” is another feature awesome section, specific The function has been shown very clearly, and can provide the average highest/low temperature, historical high/low temperature, rainfall/snow volume, snowfall days, sunshine time, etc. in different months of the current city. Charts can be switched between temperature, precipitation, sunshine time, and snowfall (depending on different cities), which is currently the only section that is stronger than the foreign version.

Figure 11 Historical Weather
“Location” Features have also changed, providing real-time temperature display. And the previous temperature range did not give up, the two will automatically switch every few seconds.

Figure 12 This is the new real-time temperature display

Figure 13 The old version of the temperature range has not been canceled, it will switch every few seconds (animal is great~)
written in Finally, the new version of the weather has been greatly improved on the basis of the old version. Both practicality and aesthetics are much better. Compared with the foreign version, it is not a simple copy, but a series of localizations. Although I didn't add the PM2.5 that I expected, I didn't support the weather animation, but it was quite good.
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