5 reasons to upgrade Windows 8.1

From the Windows 8.1 preview that Microsoft just released, we can see improvements in the details of Windows 8. Of course, Windows 8.1 is still not perfect at the moment, but rebuilding the operating system within eight months is a daunting task, and Microsoft has worked quite hard. According to Microsoft CEO Steve · Ballmer: Windows 8.1 is more focused on refining and integration, effectively reducing the discord between traditional desktop and Modern UI (Metro), and even enhance the traditional desktop experience.

Here, we have listed five reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 8.1. You can choose to wait and see for a while, and then upgrade when the official version is released at the end of this year. If you like the feeling of adventure, you can also install the preview version immediately, but we recommend that you back up the data first.
1. A more friendly traditional desktop experience
At the end of the day, the reason Windows 8 is unpopular is to over-amplify the importance of Modern UI, but it is still a "PC World" instead of " Tablet World, most users still touch the traditional computer that does not support the touch screen every day, so they can not really appreciate the advantages of the touch interface, but become a burden. Fortunately, Windows 8.1 finally brings back the right balance, giving non-touchers the choice to avoid the Modern UI.

Optimized settings for traditional desktops
For example, in Windows 8.1, you can choose to jump directly to the traditional desktop after booting instead of having to enter the Modern UI, or display the desktop in the application overview interface. program. Of course, perhaps these minor improvements are still not enough to upgrade the determined Windows 7 enthusiasts, but it is undoubtedly a more acceptable transition. After all, Modern UI is the direction of Microsoft's future development.
2. More seamless integration

As mentioned above, the main complaint from users about Windows 8 system is the way that Modern UI interacts with traditional desktops. Many times, they look like they are completely The two independent systems lack integration and a sense of integrity, and Microsoft’s eagerness to the mobile OS market has created such an embarrassing situation.
The progress of Windows 8.1 has slightly eased this gap, although it has not completely broken. For example, after the return, “Start button” does not bring up the traditional start menu, but it can display the background in the start screen, and there are a bunch of more mature Modern UI settings, so that you have more choices. Not just being forced to accept. If you can add a modern UI resource management, it is even more perfect.
3. Improved application multi-screen display effect

Two Internet Explorer browser windows are displayed side by side, each window is filled with half screen
Another feature improvement of Windows 8.1 is more flexible The screen application display effect, according to your screen resolution, can support up to four windows at the same time, and can set the display ratio of each window for better use. Although it sounds simpler, it actually brings great ease of use improvement for system applications. For example, you can use the new Modern version of IE11 to view multiple content on the same screen, which is very convenient,
4. Search function

Windows 8.1 Smart Search can bring together local and Internet related content
Windows 8.1's powerful search function is also one of the reasons to be upgraded, able to bring together a variety of content related to search results Go to an interface display, including local, SkyDrive cloud space, Bing search results, video and music. This one-piece search experience provides a satisfying effect, such as searching for “Stone Age Queen”, a prominent group of images will appear on the interface, along with resume information, online songs, videos, etc. Directly call the system player to play, and also provide some relevant application information, in general, it is still very smart.
5. Many other improvements

Windows 8.1 system supports 3D printers
In Windows 8.1 system, there are a series of function updates and improvements, such as 3D through built-in API Print support, if you have a 3D printer, you can freely create ideas at home, as well as some built-in application updates and so on. And after the official release, you may find some new surprises.
Of course, I don't mean that Windows 8.1 is a completely new system with earth-shaking changes. In fact, if you still hate Windows 8 system, 8.1 may not make you change too much, because the whole system is still Based on dynamic tiles and Modern UI. But if you are already a Windows 8 user, then upgrading 8.1 is very necessary.

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