Clear old system backup files in the system disk after Win8 upgrade

Some friends will feel that the system disk space is relatively large after upgrading from the old version of Windows system to Windows 8. This is because the Win8 upgrade process will automatically back up the previous system files in the Windows.old folder, the volume of this folder. From a few gigabytes to a dozen gigabytes, if the space of the system partition is not sufficient, the problem of disk occupation will be more obvious. To delete this folder, you can use the WinDisk system's "Disk Cleanup" function as follows.

Open Win8 file resource manager, you can see the "Windows.old" folder from the system partition. Direct deletion can be a bit cumbersome because of the special nature of the system files and the associated permissions settings. Therefore, we recommend using the Win8“Disk Cleanup" function to clear the "Windows.old" folder.
Windows.old folder:
Windows.old is a folder for backing up important files of the old system during the upgrade or reinstallation of Microsoft Windows system. The new system will be "Windows" in the original system. Files in the "Program Files", "Users", and other files are transferred to the "Windows.old" folder in the system partition of the new system. If there is a problem with the new system, you can extract the files to replace the entire system or a single file.
After using Win8 for a period of time, if you confirm that the original files and settings are already in the corresponding location of the new system, you can safely reclaim disk space by using the "Disk Cleanup" folder to delete the Windows.old folder. Note: Before using Win8“Disk Cleanup, make sure all files and settings are in the location where they are in Win8. The delete operation performed on the Windows.old folder is irreversible.
Right click on the system drive letter and select “Properties” from the context menu.

Left: Old system backup folder Right: View Win8 system properties
Next, click the "Disk Cleanup" button in the "General" tab.

Illustration: Click on "Disk Cleanup" button
Now we enter Win8's Disk Cleanup interface and click on the “Clean System File” button.

In the Win8 disk cleaning interface, select “clean system files&
here we can see the "previous Windows installation" option, check this item, click “ OK & rdquo; will be able to delete the Windows.old file.

Check: "Previous Windows installation" and confirm the cleanup delete
Above we introduced how to upgrade the old Windows system to Win8 system partition through Win8 "Disk Cleanup" tool The method and steps for deleting the stored Windows.old folder are hopefully helpful to everyone.

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