Metro version of Movie Maker will log in to Windows 8.1

Movie Maker can be said to be the most basic video editing software, and have been used in Windows systems, at least have seen this built-in software. The editing software is coming soon with the Metro version and is now being tested.

Movie Moments
This app has been built into the leaked version of Windows 8.1, but the name has been changed to Movie Moments. From the screenshot, the app supports basic effects editing, where Trim it means editing, Say it means letter editing, and Share it means the app supports sharing the video to social networking sites.
In addition to Movie Moments, in Windows 8.1, an "alarm" application can be added to the lock screen, so you can see the reminder without unlocking the system.
It is understood that Windows 8.1 will launch more Metro applications, and some of Microsoft's upgraded development tools will also make application development easier. But so far we still don't see the legendary start button, I don't know what Microsoft's final decision is.

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