Ten questions Microsoft Windows8: Can you become a new Windows 95?


The well-known IT magazine "eWeek" online version released an article today, pointing out that Microsoft's upcoming Windows8 operating system still has 10 major questions worth looking forward to, the security performance of the system. Whether it is as good as Microsoft's propaganda is more interesting. The content of the eWeek website is as follows:

Microsoft's Win8 operating system will be launched at the end of this year, perhaps the exact time is October this year, but before the system was launched, Microsoft still did not answer the answer to this system. Many major questions.

Previously, Microsoft did not introduce a major and improved version of the Windows system too often, but Windows 8 may be another, and related news has caused a stir in the industry. Almost all of the industry's stakeholders, including both regular and corporate customers, are looking forward to Microsoft's Windows 8 system. However, questions about Windows 8 are also emerging. Perhaps a lot of questions about Windows 8 can be surprising, but after all, systems such as Windows Vista and Windows 7 have brought users a sense of loss. Although Microsoft has been working hard to promote Windows 8 compared to the previous two series of operating systems, but so far, Windows 8 will give users what experience, it is still unknown. The following are the top 10 questions related to the Windows 8 operating system.

1, security is like Microsoft's publicity

According to Microsoft and some well-known security experts, Windows 8 is indeed very secure. Perhaps this operating system will be so secure that users may only need Windows Defender to stop malware attacks. But what the truth is, of course, it will take time to prove everything.

2, can run on tablets

Microsoft's upcoming new operating system hopes to run on desktops, laptops and tablets, but so far, Microsoft's Windows has not been able to run well on tablets. As for whether Windows 8 will also suffer such a fate, it is still inconclusive. Microsoft has said that of course it will not suffer such a result, but the final real results still need to wait and see.

3, manufacturers really need

So far, only a few manufacturers have promised to use the Windows 8 operating system in the device, including HP, Dell and Lenovo, but really The question is how long these vendors can stick to the system. In fact, the above companies gave up Windows systems when Windows Vista was not popular. If Windows 8 does not give users a completely different experience, then consumers may not accept the system, and manufacturers may continue to give up.

4, the response of business users

The enterprise field will be the biggest problem facing Windows 8. In the past, enterprise users have often played an important role in the success of the Microsoft Windows operating system, and this time, of course, there is no other. Whether corporate users can favor Windows 8, or whether they can drive their success, we need to wait and see.

5, how to compete with rivals such as Android and iOS?

Interestingly, Windows 8 will be the first Windows system to compete directly with rival products such as Google Android and Apple iOS in the tablet space. This shows that tablets with Windows 8 will work with Apple's iPad, Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1, and even Amazon's Kindle Fire compete. Under such competition, how long Windows 8 tablets can last, time will tell.

6. Does the user return to classical?

Microsoft has done a sensible move to allow users who want to use the classic Windows user interface to continue to use this style on the Windows platform. A more interesting question at the moment is how many such users will still prefer the classic-style interface and will not use the new Metro interface.

7. Is it really for the new Windows 95?

Microsoft once said that Windows 8 will effectively become the next Windows 95. This move shows that in the next few years, Microsoft will break the traditional behavior of the Windows operating system. In other words, Microsoft will abandon the tradition. The old concept, including the "Start" button, of course, the final effect will take time to test.

8, how to play the role of integration with ARM?

The ARM processor will eventually be used to support the Windows 8 operating system, but there are some questions about such integration, such as how to handle the application, whether the user experience is different from other devices that configure the chip, and other issues. . Of course, Microsoft will wait until Windows 8 is launched at the end of the year, only to tell everyone the final.

9. When will it be launched?

All rumors related to Windows 8 have brought a very important question to people, when will this operating system be launched? So far, all the signs indicate that this operating system may be launched in October this year, of course, the final answer needs Microsoft to reveal.

10, how to respond to & ldquo; cougar & rdquo;?

& ldquo;Puma" refers to Apple's Mac OS X operating system. Apple recently announced that it is planning to launch several new versions of its desktop operating system, Mac OS X, "Puma" at the end of this year. This announcement has shocked many observers in the industry. Apple's move aims to bring more ideas similar to the iPad to the Mac, and it seems to be a blow to Microsoft Windows 8. Therefore, an interesting question will be how Windows 8 and Microsoft will respond to the arrival of the Cougars.

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