What should I do if the Win8 app store flashes back?


In the use of Win8 system, it is inevitable to encounter some problems, such as the Win8 application store flashback, etc. What is going on? In fact, this is because many applications cannot recognize the Chinese path, and many users input the user name in Chinese, which causes the user folder of the C drive to be Chinese. How to solve this problem? Just change the username to English. The following small series for everyone to introduce the Win8 application store flashback reason analysis and solution.

Operation steps:

First, open the Administrator account: enter computer management (Win+X or desktop computer right-click management) ——users and groups——user— —Administrator right click on the —— attribute to cancel the previous “hook”

Second, log off the current user, the Administrator account login:

Then enter the Administrator must first log off, rather than switching directly to the Administrator account. After logging in, the Administrator account will be configured (don't worry, just like the original user who installed the system configuration). After you have configured it, you can enter the Administrator account. At this point, you can rename your original account folder: C drive (system disk) ——Users——XXX——Rename your original account folder.

Next, take the most important step, remember not to log out of the original account at this time and log in to the original account!

Third, modify the registry:

win+R Run regedit, and then open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\CurrentVersion\\Profilelist, which can see that the ProfileImagePath value is for each user. Folder, find the ProfileImagePath pointing to the user folder name, modify the name you just modified in the system disk, the name modified here must be the same as the one modified in the C disk user folder.

These are the small series to introduce Win8 app store flash back Analysis and Solution reasons. The operation steps are very simple, just change the user name to English.

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