Nostalgia? Recover the confirmation prompt when deleting files in Windows 8

        Many of Windows 8's default settings do give users a lot of autonomy, and the user feedback experience is great. Before the release of Win8 Developer Preview, Win8 House informed everyone that Win8 will turn off the confirmation prompt when deleting files by default. This improvement is really good, and the operation of deleting files is refreshing. Hey, there are always friends who are used to getting back the feelings of the past. The soft media Xiaobian will satisfy everyone, and together with the confirmation reminder of deleting files in Win8, play it. Play with Windows8, what do you want?
In fact, it is as simple as putting an elephant in a refrigerator. There are three steps in total; it seems that it is not a "three-step". It is simply too simple to see that you have found it.
The first step, right click on the recycle bin, call up the properties.
The second step and the third step come together: check in the "Show delete dialog box", plus click "Confirm", and work!
How do you feel more simple than "putting an elephant in the refrigerator"? Delete the file later, it will come out to confirm the dialog box; tired of playing? Then change back to Windows8 default 呗, really, this improvement of Win8 is really good. Interested friends will do it with Xiaobian.
Hmm, really come back; don't misunderstand, Xiao Bian is reluctant to delete the baby in the picture below.

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