Learn to start the screen management program with Win 8

According to the news, Microsoft Windows 8.1 will resume the start button, but some users are not too happy, because clicking the button will only lead the user to jump to the Metro style start screen interface. Therefore, the start button may be restored in the Win8.1 version, but the previous Windows Start menu may be gone forever.

Xiaobian emphasized in the previous article that the start menu in Win8 has completely replaced the Metro start interface. In the past, Windows started the menu, and in Windows 8, its form is the start screen, so users need to change their consciousness to be truly familiar with the essence of Win8.

Learn to switch between two screens

How to use the start screen skillfully is a quick way to adapt to Win8 and master Win8. Remember, mastering the Win8 system, as long as you master two screens, one of them is the traditional desktop, and the other is the Metro start screen (the function of the traditional start menu).

If the user starts the screen at Metro, click on the “Desktop” icon (as shown below) to enter the traditional desktop.

Entering the traditional desktop

If you are already on the traditional desktop screen and want to switch to the Metro start screen, there are three ways:

Method 1. Move the mouse to the lower left corner of the screen

As soon as the user moves the mouse to the lower left corner of the screen, the thumbnail of the start screen will pop up, and click to switch to the Metro start screen.

Switch to the start screen

Method 2: Move the mouse to the lower right corner

In the traditional desktop environment, the user simply moves the mouse to the lower right corner of the screen and pops up. Charmbar, click on the "Start" icon to jump to the start screen.

Charmbar Sidebar Menu

Method 3: Click the "Win" button on the keyboard

This is also the easiest and most direct method. Users are recommended to use this shortcut. Key to control the switching between the start screen and the traditional desktop.

Learn to use the search function of the start screen

Users can press the "Win+Q" shortcut to enter the Metro style search interface, similar to the previous search of the start menu, but the interface is more Beautiful and more powerful.

Search is different from the previous Windows start menu, using the search classification mechanism, the user to search for content, roughly divided into three categories: "application", "set", "file". The global search is based on the keywords included in the name of the search content. The application class mainly searches for applications in the computer, sets the setting options of the class search system, and the file class represents various files mainly located in the E disk user folder.

To search for an application, type the first letter or the Chinese keyword. For example, type "W", and the program "Word 2011" and "Windows Speech Recognition" will be installed.

Although the name of the program is Chinese, the program name includes the "W" letter, so it will also appear, such as "App Store".

Search for application class

Set the search for the class, mainly search for the system setup option name, such as the user type "user", then the option related to the typed "user" keyword Will appear in the search results.

Set Class Search

File search, after testing, mainly search for files in the user folder of the system disk. If it is a file of other disk, please use the resource manager. The search bar of the interface is searched faster.

File Search

Page 3 Learning to Set the Layout of the Start Screen

Right-click on the Metro version of the application and three options will appear. The screen is unpinned, unloaded, reduced or enlarged.

Metro Program Operation Options

Right-click on the "Game" Metro icon in the system preferences and select "Zoom in".

Managing the Metro Program with the Start Screen

Users will find that the icon for the Metro program "Game" has changed from a small square to a rectangle.

Zooming into a rectangle

Zooming in and out seems to be a "welfare" for the Metro program, but it's okay, other common applications have 6 action options "fixed from the start screen Or unpin", "Unpin from taskbar", "Uninstall", "Open new window", "Run as administrator", "Open file location".

Using the start screen to manage common programs, in addition to the above options, on the start screen, the normal program can also arrange the layout as freely as the Metro program. For example, the small program moves the QQ icon to The first position of the first line.

Managing the normal program with the start screen

After the above introduction, the user has some understanding of the program management function of the start screen. Have you ever thought about comparing it with the start menu? ? It should be said that all aspects of the Win8 start screen are more powerful than the traditional start menu, and the operation is also convenient. As long as you learn the operation method and use it skillfully, you can quickly master it.

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