Counting the latest five major features of Windows 8 (1)


Microsoft today conducted an inventory of the main features of Windows 8, from a macro perspective on the new image of Windows 8, if you are still a vague concept for Windows 8, then I believe that through this article, Windows 8 can form a clear outline in your heart.

First, the user interface optimized for touch operation

1, Metro style

Windows 8 introduces a new Metro interface, which is convenient for users to touch and display instantly. Useful information, this interface is also suitable for mouse and keyboard operations.

2, optimized browsing for touch operations, but not limited to touch screen devices

provides a faster and smoother touch browsing experience, IE10 puts the website that users browse The central location of the Windows 8 device.

Second, more ways to strengthen, connect applications

1, application-centric

Windows 8 Metro interface is the focus of your experience, for the application Provide a full screen interface that won't let you have any distractions.

2. Applications can work together

Applications can communicate in Windows 8, for example, you can easily select and send photos to emails in different places, including Facebook. , Flickr or your local.

3. Get the same experience on your different devices

You can get all the life needs from the cloud service - photos, emails, calendars, contacts, on your device You can keep these content updates at all times. With SkyDrive, you can get the latest photos, documents and more from anytime, anywhere via a browser or Windows 8 Metro style app.

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