Win8 method to turn off the system history function

Under the windows8 system, many friends do not know that there is a reliability history function. This function is mainly used to collect the running status information of the windows system, and generate corresponding report files on a regular basis. Normally, we basically do not view it. The report, so this feature is relatively relatively for all small series to bring you a shutdown method, if you have no need for this feature, you can use this method to close it!
win8 shutdown system relies on history The method of recording function is as follows
1. Right click on the "Win" button, select "Control Panel" → "System and Security" → "Operation Center"
2. Under Maintenance, click the drop-down menu, then click "View" reliability history "

3. click on" View all problem reports "
4. click" Clear all problem reports ", select" Clear All "
by the above method we can in the system The reliability history function is turned off, and the records after the shutdown can not only save us system space, but also a certain foundation. Accelerate the speed of the system.
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