Windows 8.1 official version disables automatic maintenance features


We all know that Microsoft added the automatic maintenance function in the official version of Win8.1. The automatic maintenance function of win8.1 system will occupy relatively high system resources in the running state, so that the computer with lower configuration becomes It is very slow, and there may be situations such as no response and crash, which causes great trouble to the user. So is there any way to completely disable automatic maintenance or control its operation? The following small series will share with you a simple operation method!

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based on the information you provided, you can try disabling Idle Maintenance task, due to the Idle Maintenance task set is & ldquo; when the computer is idle & rdquo; Run, Your question may be due to it.

Disable method:

1. Press Windows and X to open “Computer Management”.

2. Expand “Task Scheduler” in the tree on the left.

3. Expand to “Task Scheduler Library-Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler”.

4. There is an “Idle Maintenance” task in the upper center pane, right click and select “Delete”.

The above is the Xiaobian share with you how to disable the automatic maintenance function of Win8.1, I hope to help everyone.

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