Win8 uses the task scheduler to add the task manager as a boot entry


Win8 systems can also add boot-up projects, but these projects are applications. If you want the task manager to be self-starting with the boot, can it be achieved? Yes, you can use the system's own "task scheduler".

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Go to “Control Panel\\System and Security", click “Administrative Tools>;“Schedule Task” Open the “Task Scheduler window”. Figure:

Click the right window of & ldquo; Create Basic Task & hellip; & rdquo; button to open the & ldquo; Create Basic Task Wizard & rdquo ;, enter the task name, such as & ldquo; boot Task Manager & rdquo ;, then click “Next”;

“Toggles> Select “When the computer starts, continue to click “Next”;

“ Hope What to do with this task> select “start the program", and then click “Next”;

In the path box of the "Programs or Scripts" box, use the browse button on the right to find or Directly enter the path of the "Task Manager" program: E:\\Windows\\System32\\Taskmgr.exe, and then click “Next”;

Go to the last step “Complete”, check At the bottom of the page, when you click Finish, open the dialog box for this task property, and finally click “Complete", the "Start Task Manager Properties" dialog box will open. Figure:

The reason why the screenshot here, because here is a key option is the red box circled & ldquo; using Run with highest privileges & rdquo; option, be sure to check it, otherwise The task will be prompted because of the permission problem <; the requested operation needs to be promoted & rdquo; and the task cannot be successfully run.

Finally click on “OK", so that the task manager can be started automatically with Win8 startup.

Win8 If you want to run some programs automatically, such as scheduled backup, on-time shutdown, etc., the task scheduler allows our pre-programmed programs to run automatically, making the program more flexible to run. This article is a good example of adding a task manager to boot from a startup item.

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