How to solve the problem of installing ansys software under Win8


Ansys software is a large-scale general finite element analysis (FEA) software in the United States. It is the world's fastest growing computer-aided engineering (CAE) software. Many users will find installation when installing ansys software using Win8 system. The error message, the reason is that the Win8 system itself lacks the components required for the installation of ansys, although the Win8 system is relatively new, but the compatibility of the software is often not as good as the classic WinXP, so today we have to say how to solve the installation under Win8 Ansys software error.

Preparation Tools: Install the necessary components of ansys, ansys14.5, 15.0 installation package, Daemon Lite Tools.

Operation method:

1. Download three tools, which are the necessary components for installing ansys, ansys14.5 or 15.0 installation package, and Daemon Lite Tools.

2, pre-installation notes:

It is recommended to turn off 360 and other anti-virus software before installation, because if you set a higher anti-virus level, it may be installed in the command it automatically blocked, although Under normal circumstances, no problem.

3, use the virtual CD-ROM to load the installation CD

Download and install the daemon virtual CD-ROM (Daemon Lite Tools), you can use the compression software to open the CD, but the virtual CD-ROM drive is more convenient and faster; Choose a free license. Open the virtual CD-ROM drive and click “Add DT Virtual Drive” in the middle of the interface (you can also add SISI virtual drive). If you have used it before, there will be a drive letter of the CD-ROM drive in the interface, for example J:.

At the bottom of the screen, there will be two CD letters H: and J:.

Click on the leftmost "Add Image" and select Disk 1 in the pop-up "Open" dialog box and confirm.

4, repeating the above operations, the Disk 2 also open, then we see the interface & ldquo; image catalog & rdquo; with two optical Disk 2 and Disk 1. Double-clicking Disk 1 will bring up a “Device” dialog box, select the “H” disk” and confirm it. After confirming, we see that the H disk in the lower left corner of the interface has been displayed as an image of A with a black background, indicating that Disk 1 has been successfully loaded. For the same reason, do the same thing, double-click Disk 2, select the J disk and confirm. After both installation disks are successfully loaded, the interface of the virtual drive should be as follows: the image directory, the most recent effects, and the bottommost file will display two CDs. If not, please add it again. Previous12Next page Total 2 pages

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