How to get back the "sticky" tool that disappeared in Win8


Starting with Win7, a "snap" tool has been added to the system components. It is like the note paper we bought in our lives. We can write some text on it and attach it to the monitor. At Win8, “Notes” is still very high, you can find it in the “Start Menu” or the Start screen. But sometimes because some other software is installed, or when the system is optimized, the "Notes" tool disappears. How do we re-recover it? For this, we will share the following methods for recovery.

How to operate:

If you used the "Notes" program or “Notes> gadget and upgraded your computer in previous versions of Windows, all previous notes ( Ink or text) is still available in the new "Notes" program. The new "Notes" program does not support voice notes.

1, save the address

Use the previous version of the "Notes" created by the voice notes saved in the system disk (such as the local C drive) user folder \\Users\\AppData \\Roaming\\Microsoft\\Sticky Notes folder.

2, found notes program

If the system is found not find optimized & ldquo; notes & rdquo; program, files may be Windows system tray (e.g., native C plate) for Find the StikyNot.exe run in the System32 folder inside the folder.

As in this example in C: \\ Windows \\ System32 \\ StikyNot.exe:

For Win8 system, first-time or just get started soon friends, many of the user interface and Habits are undoubtedly very annoying. Like the "Notes" tool disappeared, this is not a problem for the master, but it is a big problem for friends who just use Win8. Fortunately, we have carefully prepared a variety of Win8 tutorials, I believe we can solve all kinds of troubles.

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