Win8 dual system hard disk partition can not access solution


Users with dual systems (Win7/Win8 for example) may encounter this situation, that is, when accessing the hard disk, there is always a disk is inaccessible, prompt “ Refuse to visit & rdquo;, what should I do now?

The root of the problem is that the permissions are not enough. Some people say that I am going to open the super tube, but under Windows 8, unless you don't want to play the Metro Ui application anymore, you can only use this method. (Super Admin is denied access to any Metro Ui application under Win8)

Method Steps:

1. First select the unreachable disk, right click, properties

2. Then: Security - Advanced - Change; modify & ldquo; Owner & rdquo;

After the modification, <;Add”. (If there is an account in the list that you are using, skip this step directly)


Then find the user you just added in the list. (My previous map already has this account, because the disk problem is fixed, so there is it)

Then get the permission, it will be determined~

Then , Enjoy! It takes a few minutes to change the permissions. Depending on the size and size of the files, wait patiently.

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