How to open Telnet function in Windows8 system

        Windows 8 features: Telnet client service can remotely control the remote Telnet system. Microsoft will prompt you with the Telnet command: not internal or external commands, nor executable programs and batch files. The following small series describes how to open 1. First enter the computer control panel, Win7 users can find through the start menu, as shown below: 2, after entering the control panel, click to enter the program and function, and continue to click to enter, as shown below Show: 3, then in the program and function interface, click to enter "Enable or close the Windows application", as shown below: 4, finally in the pop-up "Windows function" interface can find the Telnet client , we will tick it, click on the bottom of the "OK", you can complete the installation, as shown below: 5, will see after the completion of "Windows has completed the request changes" ; as shown below: 6, after the installation is complete, the Telnet service is still disabled by default. Also need to execute “Start”→“Run”, enter servcies.msc to open the Service Manager. Find and double-click the Telnet service item, set its startup mode to "Manual", and finally "Start" & rdquo; The service & ldquo; OK & rdquo; Exit. As long as the hidden Telnet function can be turned on through the above six steps, it brings a lot of shortcuts to our operation. Users in need can refer to the above methods, I hope to help everyone. Welcome to pay more attention to System City Information!
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