Latest details Windows 8.1 native alarm application exposure

        Author: Zhou Pu
Recently, the version number is 9385's Windows 8.1 system update exposure on the network, the system added some life extension native applications, such as: video editing software Movie Moments and alarm clock application. According to reports, the Windows 8.1 alarm clock application can be displayed directly on the lock screen interface.
Windows 8.1 can choose a larger or smaller dynamic tile than before, and the adjustable size MetroUI will make the operation more flexible. In addition, Windows 8.1 has a large increase in multi-tasking interface — users can view two applications with 1 to 1 field of view side by side on the display, and also support four applications to watch at the same time.
The new Windows 8.1 features that have been identified include the Metro version of Windows Defender, 3G/4G network hotspots, and barcode scanning support. Microsoft will also launch the option to enter the traditional desktop mode directly in Windows 8.1. It is said that Microsoft will soon add the above two functions to the updated version.

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