Beautiful Unlocking Unique Create a picture password for the Win8 system


Microsoft's Windows 8 is a cross-platform operating system, designed for mobile devices, such as screen keyboards, picture passwords, etc. The picture password of Windows 8 system mainly consists of two parts: picture and gesture. It allows the user to repeat the touch gesture track set by the user in the background of the selected picture to complete the system login, which is very suitable for touch screen users. Let us see how to set the picture password in the Win8 system.
Create a picture password for Win8 system

First you need to enter the Win8 system settings interface. A friend using the touch screen can use his finger to swipe from the right side of the screen to the left. The mouse operation moves the mouse to the upper right or lower right corner of the screen, which brings up the charm menu bar (Charm menu bar). Then select the “Settings” button, the keyboard operation is to directly press the “Win+i” key, and finally select “Change PC Settings”.
Illustration: Win8 change computer settings

Select “user";category, then select “create picture password” from the specific settings options on the right.
Illustration: Create a picture password

The Win8 system will confirm the current Microsoft account password before creating the picture password.
Illustration: Confirm the current user password

Now we enter the Win8 system picture password setting interface, Win8 system will use the animation form to demonstrate the picture password work. We first choose the image we like on the computer as the background of the image password.
Illustration: Win8 picture password setting interface

We select the picture we like from the picture category of Win8 computer file, and then click the “Open” button. The Win8 system will also allow the user to confirm the picture again.
Graphic: Select the favorite picture in Win8 computer
Icon: Confirm picture

Now enter the gesture setting of Win8 picture password, touch screen user can directly draw on the touch screen with your finger Move, & ldquo; draw & rdquo; out of the circle, line and point combination, the position, size and direction of these gestures will be recorded by the Win8 system, become part of the picture password. As shown below, we will draw a small circle around the cloud, then slide down to the top of the tree below, and then pull a straight line to the top of the tree. To be on the safe side, the system will ask the user to repeat a gesture movement. If you need to reset your gestures, click the “restart” button below.
Illustration: Set the Win8 picture password gesture, the white circle and the arrow are the gesture track we set.

After repeating the gesture motion twice, Win8 confirms that the picture password setting is completed. Now we have a unique picture password! Now when we enter the Win8 system, we will see the password picture we just selected, we can unlock it by the gesture movement just set. Of course, you can also click the “Switch to Password” button to enter the alphanumeric password to unlock the system.
Illustration: Enter the Win8 system with the picture password

The above describes the methods and steps for setting the picture password in the Win8 system. This way of unlocking the Win8 system is more suitable for friends who use the touch screen. Convenient. Friends who use the keyboard and mouse can choose this method if they like it, but they may not have a keyboard password.

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