Windows 2003 system routing service configuration method


Configure the routing service under Windows 2003 to realize broadband sharing. It not only does not occupy server resources, but also saves the cost of purchasing a router. It is a good way to do both. The user only needs to use the adsl broadband dialing program that comes with win2003. The Routing and Remote Access option can be done with a little configuration.

1, the premise

one computer (configuration not very high, as long as the installation of Windows 2003 on the line), the operating system is installed Windows2003, interpolating three NIC, 1: Connect internal LAN, IP:, subnet mask:, gateway: empty, DNS: empty; network card 2: connect ADSL, IP: automatic acquisition, DNS: automatic acquisition; network card 3: connect to campus network, IP:, subnet mask:, gateway:, DNS: (assuming the campus network segment is—, the DNS server is );

2, server configuration

Step1. Click “Start”—“Administrative Tools”—“Routing and Remote Access>, launch the configuration wizard; Select the local server and click “Action”—“Configure and enable Routing and Remote Access> (Figure 1). Click “Next”, select “Customize Configuration”—“Next”;Checkout“Request Dial-up Connection (used by Branch Office Routing)”&&&quoquo;LAN Routing”&mdash ;“Next”—“Complete", to initiate routing and remote access.


Step2. Select “Network Interface", click “Action”—“New Demand Dial Interface”—“Next”— “ Next, & rdquo; select “ use PPP (PPPoE) connection on the Ethernet & rdquo; & mdash; & ldquo; next & rdquo; & mdash; & ldquo; next & rdquo;, pop-up "protocol and security measures" option, remove For all hooks, click “Next”, enter the ADSL account number and password, “Next”—“Complete”.

Step3. Create a new batch of processing file route.bat, and add its shortcut to the "start" ”—“program”—“start”, edit the route.bat content As follows:


route delete

route add mask

route add Mask

route add mask

//(Add the IP segment of the campus network yourself)

Route add mask

3, client configuration

TCP/IP configuration is as follows: IP: 192.168.1.x, subnet mask: 255.255. 255.0, gateway:, preferred DNS server: local ADSL domain name server IP (can be queried to ADSL provider, such as Kunming Telecom:, alternate DNS server: The DNS settings here are very critical, and some people will mistakenly set the DNS to:

The specific steps of the above-mentioned win2003 configuration routing service are mainly completed from the two aspects of server configuration and client configuration. Users can expand the number of clients or externally by simply inserting a network card into the server. Export is a worthwhile setting.

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