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Win2003, known for its security and stability, can be said to be a relatively perfect server system created by Microsoft. As a server, the win2003 system has many magical functions that require users to go deeper. Mining, for example, the terminal service connection of win2003, this is a very worthwhile user to explore, clever use of many operations that can be convenient for users.

In Windows Server 2003, when you use Terminal Services, you can connect to the console session (session 0), and at the same time, open a shadow session of the session (provided that you can not control from the Desk session connection). With this additional feature, you can remotely log in to a Windows Server 2003-based server running Terminal Services and interact with Session 0 as if you were physically in front of the console of your computer. The session can also be hidden so that the remote user and the local user who is actually in front of the console can see and interact with the same session.

How to connect to a console session

When you connect to a console session on a Windows Server 2003-based server, you do not need any other users to log in to the console session beforehand. Even if no one is logged into the console, you can log in as if you were actually in front of the console.

To connect from a Windows Server 2003-based remote computer, open a command prompt and type the following command:

mstsc -v: servername /F -console

where mstsc is the executable for the remote desktop connection, -v specifies the server to connect to, /F specifies the full screen mode, and -console is the instruction to connect to the console session.

When you use this command, you will open a remote desktop session, and when the login information is verified, you are connected to a console session running on a Windows Server 2003-based server. If a user is currently using a console session on that computer, you will receive the following error message:

The user domain username is logged locally on to this computer. The user has been idled for number minutes .The desktop is unlocked.If you continue, this user's session will end and any unsaved data will be lost.Do you want to continue? Then, the user of the current console session will be logged out and you will receive a message indicating The computer is currently locked and only the administrator can unlock it.

Note: If the console session user and the Terminal Services session user are the same user, you will be able to connect as normal. Previous123Next page Total 3 pages

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