Share win2003 prohibits remote login tips


In the win2003 system, I believe that the more used function is the remote login function. Through remote login, users can perform related operations management on the system, which is very convenient, but it also increases the security risks of the system. In order to reduce the risk of the system, we can set the user to be logged in remotely.

Open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy

Security Policy--> Local Policy--> User Rights Assignment--> Reject Login via Terminal Service, Adding users who want to disable remote can make this account unreachable

After turning off, you can use the user you just added to remotely, and the remote is disabled.

Generally, the special operation of the system will be executed through the administrator account. Although sometimes the remote user login will be performed for the convenience of the operation, such operation will bring certain security risks to the system. For security reasons, the user can set up a remote login that prohibits related users.

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