Create a trendy personality win2003 enjoy xp visual theme style


For win2003 system, it is not as cool and fancy as other systems, it uses the default classic view. At this time, there are users who have a lot of similarities between win2003 and xp. Can win2003 also enjoy the xp visual theme style? The answer is yes.

Operation steps:

“Start menu"(Start) -> “Run”(Run), type “Services.msc ”, look for the window that appears Themes and double-click it,

Then select "Automatic" in the drop-down menu of the startup type (Automatic) and click "Apply" (Apply) -> "Start" & rdquo; (Start) -> “OK”

Right click on the desktop and an Xp theme will appear in the theme.

The default Win2003 is a classic view, there is no blue style and silver style of Xp, not win2003 does not have these, but the system default is off state, in order to let win2003 also have a trendy personality, then hands-on Get it up and let it go.

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