Help for help! Win2003 registry is disabled, what should I do?


The registry is like a database of the system. It is like the treasure pocket of a robot cat. We can use the registry editor to issue various commands for the system to execute. But one day, when I open the registry, I am prompted to be disabled by Group Policy. I can't open it. What should I do?

1. Hold down the win key + R key to open the run (win key is CTRL) In the middle of ALT, there is a circle, four squares), enter: gpedit.msc, press Enter to open the Group Policy Editor.

2, the & ldquo; the Group Policy Editor & rdquo; window, expand the & ldquo; user profile & rdquo; & rarr; & ldquo; Administrative Templates & rdquo; directory, and select the & ldquo; system & rdquo; option. Then in the right pane, the "block access to the registry editing tool" policy setting is now "already enabled" status, so when the user tries to open the "Registry Editor", the system will prohibit the user's Operation and pop-up message, we can change the lock of the group policy to the registry as shown in the figure.

& ldquo; Registry Editor & rdquo; is sensitive parts of the Windows system, you can prohibit access to the registry by editing the group policy, of course, can be lifted. So dear users, don't worry when you encounter the registry, we still have a way to help you solve it.

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