Win2003 add virtual network card operation method


Virtual NICs use software to implement virtual NICs. By using virtual NICs, we can better use our network. But how to add a virtual network card? How to operate in the win2003 operating system? This allows Xiaobian to teach you how to operate it.

Step 1: Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add Hardware:

Step 2: Select Yes, the hardware is connected.

Step 3: Pull down to the end and choose to add a new hardware device.

Step 4: Select " I manually select from a list install hardware (Advanced) M ".

Step 5: Pull down to the back and select "Network Adapter".

Step 6: Select "Microsoft" from the left and "Microsoft Loopback Adapter" on the right.

The seventh step: start the installation.

After the installation is complete, a Microsoft Loopback Adapter NIC will appear, which can be operated like a normal physical NIC.

easy steps, we can add a virtual network adapter yourself in win2003 system, do not trouble others, users need to use try operating it.

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