New skills to share: speed up the Windows 2003 system running speed


windows 2003 on the basis of win xp, made the corresponding settings, enhanced security and stability. But this system is relatively slow to run, here Xiaobian share some new skills to accelerate the speed of the win2003 system.

1, user account login

2003 using the server ctrl+alt+del login method, there is no Win XP login welcome, or to establish an account login personalized. At the start-run-input<quo;lusrmgr.msc”- local users and groups. Right click on the user to create “new user”, enter the account information and create an account.

Then add the newly created account to the administrator group, right click on your newly created user, select Properties - Subordinate - Add Add.. - Advanced - Find now, double-click the administrator, and get the Administrator's similar permissions.

2, close the server wizard

After installing win 2003, you will find that "manage your server" appears, put the bottom left corner "Do not show the page when you log in" on. If you can't find it at boot time, you can go to Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Manage your server to find

3, install the firewall

Even though Win2003 is highly secure, and we often Upgrade system patches, but there is no guarantee that they will not be attacked. However, Win2003 requires a special program, ordinary stand-alone software can not be installed, you must use the server version of the program. Recommended: Symantec Norton Antivirus Enterprise Virus Firewall + Personal Firewall 2003 Network Firewall.

4, improve system performance

Right click on the "My Computer" icon, go to Properties - Advanced - Performance - Settings, adjust to the best performance.

5, speed up the taskbar

In addition to keeping the "task bar" at the front end of other windows", all others are removed, the reasons are as follows:

Automatically hide the taskbar: avoid Cannot find the taskbar, and occupy the system

Group similar taskbar buttons: the program is too concentrated, it is difficult to find

Display clock: no watch or mobile phone need to use clock

Hide inactive icons: Don't know which applications are currently used

6. Customize the classic start menu

Use only “show run” and “show small in the start menu Icons & rdquo;, the other is to expand the taskbar, as well as add special effects and functions, the less the function, the faster.

7, improve the display speed

Right click on the desktop to enter the display properties, turn off the desktop wallpaper and screen saver, in the appearance - effect, remove all the tick off.

8. Speed ​​up the resource manager

In the Explorer or My Computer, select Tools - Folder Options - General, select “Use Windows Traditional Folders”.

Remove all options except "Hide protected operating system files" and <;hide extensions of known file types>. In particular, "remember the view settings of each folder", "Show the prompt information when the mouse points to the folder and desktop items", "Show the file size information in the folder prompt" & rdquo; these items are turned off , remove the personalization settings.

The third is the optimization of the resource manager. In the view, use the "list" form to display the content with the smallest icon and information. In the toolbar menu, all the standard buttons and links are removed. All of these functions can be achieved through shortcut keys.

9, turn off the desktop icon

Right click on the desktop, select the arrange icon, remove the hook to display the desktop icon, turn off all icons, save a lot of resources.

10, IE optimization

IE interface optimization is basically the same as the resource manager, are to reduce the function bar as much as possible, leaving only the address bar. However, there are a lot of fun things in the tool-internet option.

General - The homepage that can be changed uses a blank page. When you open it, you don't need to load any webpages. Speed ​​

Advanced-Multimedia, remove “Enable automatic image resizing> Image, reducing the workload of IE.

Browse, remove “ enable offline projects to synchronize according to plan, in the broadband is so popular today, what is the use of offline?

Remove “Use smooth scrolling” Let the left navigation bar quickly flip through the pages in the normal page up/down mode.

Remove “ After the download is complete, send a notification & rdquo;, even if you still have to notify after downloading, do more.

Remove “Show Go button in the address bar, we don't have much use for the URL we go to.

Remove “automatically check Internet Explorer updates  manual updates are always faster than automatic updates, and there is no need for IE to keep an eye on whether updates are needed.

11, keyboard speed

In the control panel - keyboard, "“ repeat delay" and "repetition speed" are pulled to the right, when the text is edited immediately.

12, turn off automatic update

Right click on the "My Computer" icon, system properties - automatically update, remove “ keep my computer latest & rdquo;. Let us develop a good habit of regular updates, so that you can avoid being attacked by viruses such as “Blast Wave”.

13、Using power consumption mode

In order to keep the computer in the best condition, turn off all power saving modes, and select “Demo” in the control panel-power usage scheme. Solution, never turn off the monitor, hard drive or system standby.

14, close remote assistance

Right click on the "My Computer" icon, system properties - remote, in general, turn off remote assistance, avoid unnecessary trouble.

The above content is a new skill shared by Xiaobian to improve the running speed of the win2003 system. You may wish to try and make your win2003 system run more smoothly.

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