How to improve the video function skills of win2003 system


Select the system, the first choice is its stability, relatively speaking, win 2003 is more stable than win xp, so many users have chosen to upgrade win 2003, but after the upgrade, it is found that the video is poor when playing video, no sound. It doesn't matter, today Xiaobian comes to teach you to optimize the video function and make the win 2003 system more perfect.

Due to the special settings of win 2003, some multimedia functions will be deliberately blocked to locate server applications, so this problem is very common.

1. Right click on the desktop, and then go to “display properties →set →senior →troubleshoot”,“hardware acceleration” cursor to the right to <;complete”, point&ldquo ; OK & rdquo; quit. Then go to “ start → all programs → attachments & rarr; system tools & rarr; system information & rdquo;, select & ldquo; tools & rarr; directx diagnostic tools & rdquo; (due to the program to collect system information, so need to wait a little, may appear Splash screen), select the “Show” tab, turn on the “DirectDraw Acceleration” and “Direct3D Acceleration” item, click "Sign out”

2. After the driver installation is completed, the sound card can be used normally in the Windows 2003 Standard Edition, but the system still cannot sound in the enterprise version. At this time, enter the “Control Panel & Rarr; Sound and Audio Control Device”, check the “Audio Service” option, and click “OK” to restart the computer.

3, if you find that the sound is intermittent, go to the "directx diagnostic tool", select the "sounds" tab, drag the cursor to the right in the "acceleration level" to "ld"; Full acceleration & rdquo;, point & ldquo; quit & rdquo;

In three simple steps, Xiaobian took everyone to optimize the video function. I believe that everyone's win 2003 system is perfect.

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