Win2003 comes with a mail server setting method


Mail server is a device responsible for e-mail management. It is safer and more efficient than a free mailbox on the network, so it has always been a must-have for corporate companies. Today I will introduce you how to easily configure Windows2003's own mail server, mainly from the installation of POP3 and SMTP service components, configuration of POP3 server and other aspects.

First, install POP3 and SMTP service components

Windows Server 2003 does not have POP3 and SMTP service components installed by default, so we have to add them manually.

1. Install the POP3 Service Component

Log in to the Windows Server 2003 system as a system administrator. Go to “Control Panel → Add or Remove Programs & Rarr; Add/Remove Windows Components", in the pop-up "Windows Components Wizard" dialog box, select the "Email Service" option, click “Details The ” button, you can see that this option includes two parts: POP3 service and POP3 service web management. In order to facilitate users to manage the mail server remotely, it is recommended to select “POP 3 Service Web Management”.

2. Install the SMTP service component

Select the "Application server" option, click the "Details" button, and then in the "Internet Information Services (IIS)" option To view the details, select the “SMTP Service” option and finally click the “OK” button. In addition, if users need remote web management of the mail server, be sure to select the "Remote Management (HTML)" component in the "World Wide Web Service". After completing the above settings, click the “Next” button and the system will start to install and configure POP3 and SMTP services.

Second, configure POP3 server

1. Create mail domain

Click “ Start → Management Tools & Rarr; POP3 Service & rdquo;, pop up POP3 service console window. After selecting the POP3 service in the left column, click the “new domain” in the right column to bring up the “Add Domain” dialog box, and then enter the domain name of the mail server in the “Domain Name” field, which is the email address. “@”The following sections, such as “MAIL.COM”, last click on the “OK” button.

2.Create a user mailbox

Select the newly created “MAIL.COM” domain, click “Add Mailbox in the right column, pop-up Add Mailbox dialog box, in “ Enter the mail user name in the mailbox name, then set the user password, and finally click the “OK" button to complete the creation of the mailbox. The mailbox created in this example is

Configuring the SMTP server

After configuring the POP3 server, you can start configuring the SMTP server. Click “Start → Programs & Rarr; Management Tools & Rarr; Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager & rdquo;, in the "IIS Manager" window right click on the "Default SMTP virtual server" option, in the pop-up menu Select "Properties" to enter the "Default SM TP Virtual Server" window, switch to the "General" tab, and select the IP address of the mail server in the "IP Address" drop-down list box. Click the “OK" button so that a simple mail server is set up.

After completing the above settings, the user can use the mail client software to connect to the mail server to send and receive mail. Just enter the ip address of the mail server at pop3 and smtp.

Note that this step, the basic mail function has been implemented, you can send and receive mail normally.

We noticed that this time smtp access is set to anonymous access, any one at this time Anyone can use this Mail server to send mail.

Fourth, client test

I use becky, smtp and pop settings as follows, ID I filled in, because I built the account in the pop3 service , there is a prompt box prompt

test mail normal send and receive, I sent mail to myself, that is,, and then see how the effect, everyone pay attention to this time I fill in whatever SMTP verification Can send and receive mail normally, because the server side Access is set to anonymous access

Five, SMTP server security settings and client configuration

First, remove anonymous access, select Basic authentication

Second, when the client software smtp verification, just fill in a username and password, you will find an error message:

Six, the correct client smtp ID settings

Do not know Why is the reason, only enter the account name created in the SMTP authentication, and can not take to pass the authentication of the Mail server, this is a place that I am also confused, I hope that people with this experience can give pointers, thank you

I removed the anonymous access and sent a mail to the company's mail using my own Mail server. Oh, it's normal, but the company's mai can't send it to me. I don't know. Not because of dns reverse analysis problem (no thankyou rejected, account unavailable), but I set up two domains on the same machine at the same time, sending messages to each other is normal.

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