Win 2003 automatic upgrade patch knows how much


I often hear my friends complain that using batch Windows auto-upgrade files, there is a bunch of problems, and even some patch packages have an error message during installation, can not continue, I do not know what is going on In this regard, Xiaobian also studied related issues, and finally found that this is because Windows mainly has two different types of patches, which need to use different parameters. Once the parameters are wrong, it will not be installed, so different patches need to be used. Parameters. Specific analysis of the specific problem, now I want to know the friends together to see it.

See the patch type from the picture

As shown in Figure 1, put the Windows 2003 Server patch file in the same directory You can clearly see that there are two types of icons in front of the patch file name, one is a simple executable file icon, and the other is an executable file icon that marks the compressed file.
Figure 1 Windows 2003 Server patch file

From the attribute analysis format

The WindowsServer2003-KB823559-x86-ENU.exe file icon is a simple executable icon. You can see the help information for this patch from Figure 2 and found that it uses the Microsoft update program to install the patch. The version information of the patch can be viewed from Figure 3. It is made by SFXCAB.EXE, and all other patches with common executable file icons have similar properties.
Figure 2 Attribute Analysis Format

The DirectX9-KB819696-x86-ENU.exe file icon is an executable file icon that marks the compressed file. You can view the help information for the patch. The parameters it recognizes do not include /U and /Z, and if you use the /U parameter to run it will generate an error. Similarly, looking at the version information of the patch, it can be seen that the patch directx9-KB819696-x86-ENU is derived from WEXTRACT.EXE, and all other patches with executable file icons with flag compressed files have similar characteristics. . Previous123Next page Total 3 pages

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