Win 2003 automatic login two great recipes


login automatic login and manual login, today to explain the automatic login method, what is the system automatic login? How quickly entered the Windows 2003 operating system In this article, Xiaobian will introduce two methods of quickly logging into the Windows 2003 operating system, let's experience it together.

One method is simple, you just click “Start| Run ”, and type “control userpasswords2” in the input box, so you can clear in the "User Account" management window, "To use this machine, the user must enter the password", check the selected state, then Press “Ctrl+Shift+A” on the keyboard, you will get a “Auto Login” dialog box. You can set the user account and password for the system to automatically log in when the computer starts up.

Another method is more complicated, but it can help you fully grasp the setting method of Windows 2003 automatic login.

First click “Start| Run ”, type “regedit” in the input box to open the Registry Editor, then click to expand “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/Current Version/Winlogon” in the left pane of the Registry Editor. Then select “edit| Add| String value & rdquo;, type “AutoAdminLogon” in the value name, then click on the blank space in the window, then double-click the newly created string “AutoAdminLogon”, in the pop-up "Edit String" dialog Enter “1” in the box to set the system to allow automatic login. Repeat the above operation to create a string value called "DefaultUserName", which is the name of the account you are going to use for automatic login.

Create a new string value called "Defaultpassword" and edit the string to prepare the user account password for automatic login. After editing and checking it, close the registry editor. Restart your computer to log in automatically. Note that if you already have “DefaultUserName”, you can change the original string value directly without having to recreate it. If your system is working in a LAN environment and you need to log in to the domain server when logging in to the system, you will need to add another “DefaultDomainName” and edit the string for the domain name you are logged into.

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