Keyword search find files also have omissions


A lot of netizens said that there are more files and more folders. For a long time, their files don't know which folder to put them in. In the face of a large number of folders, when you are looking for it, you can't do anything about it. The file has forgotten where to go. For many netizens, it is a very headache. Last time, Xiaobian recommended the file search function, but some friends reported that it sent a “keyword search” under Windows to find its whereabouts. In the repeated trial search, I found that the keyword search has another hidden feeling …… What is going on? Look down together.

In the <quo;Search Results” dialog box“ In a word or phrase in a group, there are no keywords found in the search for a file,

to start the suspicion of "keyword search" function. So I copied the keyword from the opened file 123.doc and glued it to test the keyword search function. As expected, I did not report this file in the search results, and used all the advanced search items. The modification time and file size were specified in detail, and the file 123.doc was still not found.

Please say that you want to enter *.* in the "all or part of the file name" (the result is still). Some people say that keyword search refers to the keyword in the file name, not the keyword in the file. Is that true? No, no. I am so confused! The facts are in front of me, and I can’t help but believe it. To say that I remember the wrong keyword, it is really possible, but the copied keyword should be correct? Why is the file containing this keyword in front of me, but the computer can not find it? After N tests I concluded The Windows keyword "search” is just a display.

There is really no clue, so I have to close the file “received. Just when I was going to shut down the day's work, I was still reluctant. I decided to use the keyword again to search for the last time. The result was found in 123.doc. Is it in this file? Because the file is too long, hurry up. Ctrl+F find, the content I am looking for is really here! Why did I search so many times and never reported "123.doc"? I suddenly thought: Will it be leaked because it was an open file at the time? Lost? Is it because the file was closed before it was searched out? This thought made me excited again!

After testing, the open file is the fish of the net. It seems that when searching for files with keywords, be sure to close all files, especially *.doc files. Otherwise, it will slip away from your eyes.

Tip: *.wps file keyword search is invalid. *.txt file keyword search is very convenient, regardless of whether the file is closed or not, you can search.

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