Add your own video compression to Win 2003


Windows Server 2003 is used to build and store web applications, web pages and XML Web Services. It mainly uses IIS6.0 web server and provides rapid development and deployment using ASP. XML Web services and applications for .NET technology. It was very easy to use the system at first, but it was soon found that there was no image at the beginning of the animation when playing CS, only the sound. Tips & ldquo; video can not be used, can not find vids: cvid decompression program & rdquo;, this is caused by the Windows Server 2003 installation does not install the "video compression" component. Now do it yourself and add video compression to it.

1. On the computer with Windows 2000 or Windows XP, copy the two dynamic link library files ir32_32.dll and iccvid.dll from the C:\\windows\\system32 folder to the local machine. C:\\windows\\system32 folder; you can also find a Windows2000 or windows xp installation disk, enter the command line mode, use the expand D:\\i386\\ir32_32.dl_ C:\\windows\\ from the i386 folder of the CD System32\\ir32_32.dll (assuming the drive letter of the CD-ROM is d drive) and expand D:\\i386\\iccvid.dl_ C:\\windows\\system32\\iccvid.dll These two commands decompress the dynamic link library file.

2. Open the “editor”, find the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\WindowsNT\\CurrentVersion\\Drivers32” branch, and create a new string value named vidc.cvid in the right pane. Set its value to: iccvid.dll; create two new string values ​​named vidc.iv31 and vidc.iv32, and set the key values ​​of both strings to: ir32_32.dll.

3. After restarting the computer and then running CS, you can see the opening animation.

Adding video compression to Windows Server 2003 is not that difficult. Several steps are easy to solve. Students who don't understand can refer to the above steps and methods.

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