Backup and recovery of Win2003 AD database


Suppose a large enterprise's AD (Active Directory, Directory Service) database has thousands of user data, one day AD database was intentionally or unintentionally destroyed, resulting in user data Loss, if you restore data one by one, then the workload will undoubtedly be amazingly huge.

Therefore, experienced network administrators usually back up the AD database regularly. When the AD database has various problems, it can easily complete the data restoration of the AD database. Of course, there are many network administrators who don't understand or ignore such important backup operations.

Backing up the AD database

Backing up the AD database is not complicated, because the backup operation is done through the backup wizard, so even the rookie-level network management can easily get started.

Click “Start → Programs & Rarr; Attachments & Rarr; System Tools & Rarr; Backup & rdquo;, in the "Backup or Restore Wizard" dialog box that opens, click ">Next" button to enter “Backup or Restore" selection dialog.

After selecting the "Backup files and settings" item, click the “Next” button to enter the "To back up content" dialog box, select “Let me choose the content to be backed up&rdquo ; item and click on the "Next" button. In the "Review items to be backed up" dialog box, expand "Desktop → My Computer", and check the "System State" item (Figure 1).
Fig. 1

In the next step, "Backup type, target and name" dialog box, select the storage path of the backup file according to the prompt, and set the name of the backup file, click “ ” button. Then click the “Complete" button in the dialog that opens.

At this point, please interrupt other operations in the computer system, because the backup operation of the AD database will start after a while. Previous12Next page Total 2 pages

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