Sounds heard! Win2008 audio service open steps


Many users found that their system has no sound after installing the win2008 system. It is thought that something went wrong during system installation, but it is not. In the win2008 system, the system sound is disabled by default installation, which will cause users to have such doubts. Now let me see how to turn on the system's audio service.

1. Right click on the sound icon in the lower left corner of the “Windows Message Notification Area” and select “Sound” from the shortcut menu that pops up, as shown in the figure:

2. In the pop-up "Audio Service Not Running" dialog box, the Windows Audio Service is not enabled, so the computer cannot play audio. Do you want to enable Windows Audio Service? here we click & ldquo; Yes (a) & rdquo; can be, as shown in Figure:

win2008 is because the system as a service, in order to safeguard the security and stability of the system, will be in Some related operation services are forbidden on the system, which may cause some inconvenience to the user, but as long as we simply set some, it is hoped that it will help you.

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