The application of Rubik's cube under Windows7 system


A few days ago, the soft media Rubik's Cube released a rock-solid shield----the data recovery master, and released the unbreakable spear on June 18----the file shredding master (Does this not mean to go too far for yourself?). Is the spear more sharp, or is the shield stronger? I will test it for everyone.

Operation Steps

Put a file in Removable Disk I. What file? It is better to play with the Rubik's installation files.

Open the Rubik's Cube file and drag it in. This spear is poked three times by default, which is a bit unfair, change it once!

After the stamp is over, look at what the shield looks like. Open the file recovery, scan it, scan it out, don't worry, can't recover it is not necessarily.

Recover it. Oh, from the outside, it is not alright.

Try it, the cmd window flashes past, it seems that the file is really hanging. (In order to intercept this flashing window, I ---------)

Or spear is awesome. Ooo, ooo, my poor cube installation program, you have to want to reinstall the Rubik's cube on the family office

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