Win8 burn disc tutorial

 Win8 believes that many of my friends are installed, in win8 there is a function to burn discs, I do not know if you have used it. If you really need to burn a disc and have not burned the disc, you may wish to take a look at the win8 burn disc step that Xiaobian will share with you.
Select the file or folder to be burned, select the cursor, select “Share” tab in the menu bar, click “burn to disc"

At this time, the CD-ROM drive is placed in the blank disk. Wait a moment, the “burn disc” dialog box appears, select “for CD/DVD player”,

click “next”; start copying files to the CD-ROM drive, take a few minutes After the completion, in the lower corner, the desktop will pop up "You have a file waiting to be written to the disc"

Click on the balloon, go to the "DVD RW drive" window, click the "Manage" option In the card, "End Burning", select the next step; select the name, speed, default

When finished, the CD-ROM pop-up, end of burning

Other burning software masters can also use, It is more convenient to operate.

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