How to solve the slow start of win7


In today's rapid development of technology, everyone's requirements for electronic products are getting higher and higher, first of all in the speed of electronic products. Waiting is a tormenting process, such as how to solve the slow start of win7? This article explains in detail how to greatly improve the speed of the win7 system startup.

1, first of all to set the number of processor cores required to boot the system, because the win7 system default boot is to use the core of a processor, you can increase its number. Click the Start menu to run. If not, you can open the win+r keyboard combination.

2, then type msconfig in the Run box and click OK to open. A lot of startup settings are here to start.

3. First click on the boot tab on the system configuration page and click here to switch to this interface.

4, then there is a button for advanced options under this tab, from here you can set the number of cores of the processor, click this button.

5, the checkbox in front of this processor number is not selected by default, select it with the mouse, as shown in the figure, click on the menu below, the processor is a few cores Display the number, for example, if the processor is dual-core, display 2, then select 2, click OK to exit.

6. Now set the startup item, you must reduce the number of startup items. In addition to the anti-virus software, the other is to cancel the automatic startup. Some commonly used software can wait for the system to start. Open it again, at least with the torture of slow start. As shown, all startup items are selected in front of them.

7. Deselect all startup items except anti-virus software, then click OK to exit. At this point, the settings of the processor and the startup item are completed, which is not enough. Continue to look at the following.

8. Now open the Start menu, then right-click on the computer and select Properties.

9. In the system property page, click the Advanced System Settings option in the left navigation bar. as the picture shows.

10. In the system property page, in the performance section below, click this setting button to set the visual effect of the system, because the special effects of the system will not only affect the speed, but also the resources. It will also have a certain impact on booting.

11. Change the best look to the best performance, this will make the system no longer beautiful, if you like the beautiful system interface, this step can be skipped, the impact will not Very big.

12. Go back to the Advanced tab and set the option to select the Operating System
Startup menu. This setting allows you to get at least two seconds of startup time. Click on the settings below.

13, there will be a menu to start the operating system when the system starts, this process takes three seconds by default, we have to change it to 0 seconds or 1 second, as shown in the figure. Click OK to exit after making changes.

14. Now set it again to remove the sound of booting. This operation is very limited for speed improvement, but it is not without improvement, or it is better to remove it. Right-click the sound icon at the system tray and click the Sounds option.

15. In this interface, there is an option to play the system to start the sound, deselect this option, and then click OK to exit.

16. At this point, the settings from the level of the operating system itself are basically the same. There is also a system service item, which is complicated to set directly from the system. Therefore, the best method is to use Related optimization software to achieve, such as various guards and masters, etc., this type of software is various, and the operation is different, so I won't go into details here. Through these softwares, focus on reducing some unused system service items, clearing some garbage, etc., and uninstalling some unused software plug-ins.

The above is all about how to solve the win7 boot slow tutorial
, according to the above operation method, conservatively estimated win7 system boot acceleration can accelerate 10 seconds, and computer < Br> There are a lot of junk files that will make the boot speed slower and need to be cleaned regularly.

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