Win8's unique sound setting diagram tutorial


When we are making serious phone calls, sometimes there will be some unexpected sounds, such as QQ up and down, such as some software. Sound, if our volume is louder, these sounds will become correspondingly larger, which will affect us to watch movies or play games. How do we reduce these “other sounds” volume under Win8 system? Win8 The way to automatically adjust other sound settings is as follows:

1. Right-click on the blank space on the desktop and pop-up “All apps” under the desktop, left-click “All apps”.

2, left click on “Control Panel”, then left click on <;Hardware & Sound", and then click "Sound”.

3. Enter the "Communication" tab, select according to actual needs <; when Windows
detects communication activity: & rdquo; option. This feature is turned off when you select “Do not perform any actions. After selecting it, click “OK" to complete the setup operation.

You can see that we can reduce the sound of those communication activities or even turn off these idle sounds. After the above operation, you can return your Win8 system to a quiet voice environment, let us be serious Focus on communication.

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