QQ under Windows7 to the message player sounds smaller solution


Users who use Windows
7 have found such a problem. When watching movies or listening to music, if QQ or MSN comes to the message, the volume of the movie or music will suddenly become smaller. Make the QQ prompt sounds particularly harsh. Some users think that it is a bug in Windows
7 or their own sound card driver is out of order, and it still has no solution for a long time.

In fact, this is a new feature design for Windows 7, designed to prevent users from being too immersed in music or movies and ignoring other information. Users have mixed views on this more user-friendly design. If not, we can remove this feature by setting it.

The setting method is as follows:

Right click on the speaker icon on the system tray and select “Sound” from the pop-up menu. ;, open the "Sounds" window, switch to "Communication" tabs (Communications), open the drop-down box, and "When Windows detects communication activity", set to "Do not perform any operations".

This successfully removes this feature, and the QQ message will not affect the player's voice.

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