Once and for all, teach you to completely close the Win10 ad display


Maybe in order to further increase marketing revenue and promotion of its own app store products, Microsoft has begun to add advertising features to the lock screen interface in Windows 10. After the anniversary update, the start menu also became their display area. Some apps and games from the official recommendation were transferred to the app store to start downloading immediately after unintentional clicks. Ad bad reviews, negative points are rough!

Microsoft, you are so blue and thin!

Although you can close the advertisement display through the switch item of “Settings-Homepage-Lock Screen Interface”, but after which patch they will make a comeback, it is still the old way to solve it once and for all!

<quo;Win+R” After the combination key starts running, enter "ldpol.msc" to start the local security policy;

Expand the application restriction policy--APPLocker-encapsulated application Rules - Select to create a new rule in the blank space on the right;

Permissions in the permissions are changed to allow the user, or the default Everyone;

Click"Use Install the packaged application as a reference to the "Selection button", find Windows Focus and check it, then click OK.

Drag in the four levels below to the "package name" column, which disables all versions of Windows Focus.

In addition, if you want to ban Microsoft from pushing third-party applications and games, please drag "publish" and click Create.

This operation has been completed, but since the Windows focus creation rule is selected, the automatic wallpaper replacement function will be invalid in the future. It is not a fish and a bear's paw!

But the above operations need to be implemented in Windows 10 Professional (involving group policy functions), what should the home version of the small partners do?

Please keep in mind the following two key setup paths:

Turn off lock screen ads:

Settings-Personalization-Lock screens-Select pictures or slides (ie don't use Windows Focus);

Close the Start Menu Application Recommendation:

Settings-Personalization-Start-Close"Occasionally show suggestions in the Start menu 

If you find a patched advertisement in the future, don't bother, go through it manually!

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