WinXP system how to turn off ekrn.exe to speed up the system running WinXP optimization acceleration


What is ekrn.exe? How to properly shut down and speed up the system, let's take a look at the tutorials that Xiaobian will explain for you. The steps are as follows:

1. What is ekrn.exe?

ekrn.exe is a program related to ESET Smart Security or ESET NOD32 Antivirus anti-virus software.

360 software housekeeper, we can clearly see on ekrn.exe profile

Second, since we already know ekrn.exe is related to anti-virus software program, then we Should I solve this problem?

According to the official information provided by Microsoft, after installing nod32 on a computer with XPSP2 patch, a process okrn.exe of nod32 will occupy a situation where the CPU is too high, and Microsoft has avoided this after SP3. The emergence of phenomena. So one solution to avoid ekrn.exe taking up 100% of the CPU or taking up too much CPU is to use the SP3 version of Window XP. But here Xiaobian wants to remind everyone that in the case of confirming that your system is a genuine system, the SP3 patch is big. If it is not a genuine system, it is not recommended to play SP3 patch to avoid more terrible problems.

If your computer is already SP3, you can solve this problem as follows. This step is to try and solve the xp operating system download by yourself. Please feel free to use it.

1. Suspend all monitoring of nod32. There are 2 methods: the first one, right click on the taskbar icon, nod32 green small eyes, select “ disable virus and spy protection & rdquo;; second, start the nod32 in the program, select “ set & rdquo; under the label “ Temporarily disable virus and spyware protection. If you are using the advanced mode of nod32, click “Set>, select “Virus and Spy Protection>, "File System", "Email” , "Web Access"; three projects are &##;disabled”.

2, a few seconds later, ekrn.exe occupied automatically reduced to 0%, if not have the patience to wait, select it in the Task Manager ekrn.exe & ldquo; End Process & rdquo ;.

3, a few seconds later, open the control panel & mdash; & mdash; management tools & mdash; & mdash; service (if you do not want to trouble, you can enter services.msc directly in the run), find "Automatic Updates" ; project, right-click property is set to “ disable & rdquo;, and right click & ldquo; stop & rdquo; this service.

4, open the C: WINDOWSSoftwareDistribution folder, delete all the files in the device.

5, according to the third step, find "Automatic Updates", right-click property is set to "automatic", and right click "start" & rdquo; the service.

6, according to the method of Step 1, restore all of the monitoring nod32.

Now ekrn.exe process CPU 0 has a

Analysis: In such cases, ekrn.exe process high occupancy nod32 anti-virus software is not the problem CPU, but SPV patch SVCHOST.exe bug caused by repeated failures of Windows update service download and installation may cause this problem, and Windows update service windows xp, that is, we set the "Automatic Updates" service is dependent on SVCHOST.exe A background program, and repeated download and installation failure caused a high degree of suspicion of the nod32 process ekrn.exe, which caused the problem that ekrn.exe occupied the CPU high.

Third, if the above method is invalid, try the following methods:

ekrn.exe takes up CPU100% and may be caused by ESET's highly heuristic scanning, in advanced settings — virus and spy Software Protection & mdash; Set — Options — Remove Highly Heuristics Before Scanning

in Advanced Settings —— File System Real-Time Protection ——Setting ——Options——Remove Highly heuristic tick before scanning.

WinXP system closes ekrn.exe to speed up the system operation method to give you a detailed introduction here. In fact, ekrn.exe is an anti-virus related program in Norton AntiVirus. The system comes with the installation of the antivirus program. If you are interested, you can come and find out!

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