How does Win10 turn on the camera? Win10 method to open the camera


The camera on the computer is the medium for our video call. When necessary, the call software will open the camera by itself. Usually, the user rarely turns on the camera, and some users never even open it. Only when the computer is maintained can you think of the existence of this hardware. However, many Win10 users don't understand how the camera is opened. After all, Windows can be opened directly by “My Computer”. Some Win10 computers do not place the camera icon in the Win10 System Explorer. The following small series will bring you Win10 open camera method, let's take a look.

Operation steps:

Method 1. Enter “ldquo; camera” or “camera” in the search bar of the taskbar to see the camera program in the search results. Click to open. As shown below:

Method 2, click the "Start” button at the bottom left of the desktop, click “All Programs> Drag the slider to find the program starting with X to see the camera. Program, or find the camera program at the beginning of C, click to open. As shown below:

1. After turning on the camera, you can choose to take photos or videos. As shown below:

2. If you want to turn on the camera frequently, you can click the right mouse button on the searched camera program, select to fix to the start screen or taskbar, and then turn on the camera later. Just click on the camera icon. As shown below:

When the user maintains the computer, it is necessary to open the camera to check if it is available. If the camera is idle, the user remembers to place the obstruction in front of the camera lens to prevent the professional from passing unconventional means. Turn on the camera. The above is the method of Win10 to open the camera brought by Xiaobian, thank you for reading, please pay attention to this website for more content!

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