The Win10 Mobile Anniversary Update will be launched on August 9th.


It is reported that the Windows 10th Anniversary Update has been pushed to PC users since this Tuesday. As for the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update, there will be no news when it will log in to the Lumia mobile phone. Now, Microsoft official Lumia India Twitter account confirmed that the Windows10 Mobile anniversary update will be launched next Tuesday.

Win10 Mobile Anniversary Update 9th Online

Microsoft official Lumia India Twitter account has confirmed that the anniversary update for mobile phones will be launched on August 9th (next Tuesday). For those who are anxious, you can also choose to join the Microsoft Insider project, and select Fast, Slow and Release Preview channels according to your needs.

It's important to note that not all Windows devices will receive an annual update. Only 18 older devices, such as the Lumia 1520/930, and those shipped with the new system will be upgraded. Ok, take a quick look, are there any models you use: BLU Win HD LTE; BLU Win HD w510u; Lumia 430; Lumia 435; Lumia 532; Lumia 535; Lumia 540; Lumia 635 (1GB RAM); Lumia 636 (1GB) RAM); Lumia 638 (1 GB RAM); Lumia 640; Lumia 640 XL; Lumia 730; Lumia 735; Lumia 830; Lumia 930; Lumia 1520; MCJ Madosma.

It is understood that Windows 10 Mobile currently accounts for 10.9% of the WP ecosystem. Among the top ten smartphones running Win10 Mobile, Nokia's Lumia 535 ranks first with 13.4% of the market share. The Lumia 535 ranks second with 11.9% of the market share.

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