Win10 Mobile Preview 14356 how to use PC notification synchronization?


On June 2, Microsoft pushed the latest Win10 Mobile first anniversary update preview version 14356, the most important update is to open Win10 Mobile and Windows10 PC notification synchronization function Mainly through Cortana Xiaona.

For example, if you enable Twitter message synchronization notification on Windows 10 Mobile, you will also get a Twitter notification on Win10 PC system, and if the UWP application supports fast response and response, on Win10 PC. You can also reply directly.

Users using this feature need to upgrade their phone to the latest Win10 Mobile 14356, Win10 PC to the latest 14352 system.

<;Cortana will sync notifications from mobile phones and key alerts, including message server notifications, SMS or other social app notifications, and missed calls, and will not miss phone notifications on Win10 PCs. ”

If you want to enable this feature, you need to go to the Cortana settings, click “Edit Sync Notifications”, this feature is still being tested and improved, you can see it now. Missed calls, low battery notifications, and phone calls, plus other social apps.

Cortana Message Notification Synchronization is one of the key features of Win10's first anniversary update and is expected to be officially coming this summer.

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