How does the Win8.1 system manually check for updates? Win8.1 manual check for updates


How does the Win8.1 system manually check for updates? If the Win8.1 system does not update the patch for a long time, it will leave hidden dangers to the system and cause virus intrusion. Some people may have set up automatic updates, and the system will update the system as soon as the patch is released. It is possible that when you update the system, some large programs are running and the system becomes very card. The best way is to manually check for updates during idle time. How do you do this? The following small series will bring you Win8.1 manual check and update method, let's take a look!

Method Steps:

1. Right-click the Start menu of the Win8.1 system and click [Control Panel] in the pop-up menu, as shown below.

2. Click [System and Security] in the open Win8.1 system control panel, as shown below.

3. On the open system and security interface, we click [Check Update] under Windows Update, as shown below.

4, click to enter the Win8.1 Windows update interface, at this time Win8.1 will automatically detect the content to be updated, as shown below.

5, if there is no automatic detection of the update content or update content error, you can click [Check Update] on the left side, as shown below.

6, after the Win8.1 system check and update, the number of important updates will be displayed, click [Install Update], as shown below.

7, then Win8.1 system can start downloading and update the system, as shown below.

This way you can disable automatic updates and manually check for updates every once in a while to keep the system in top condition. The above is the Win8.1 manual check and update method brought by Xiaobian, I hope to help everyone, please pay attention to this website for more content!

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