64-bit win10 preview version 10565 update patch KB3105208 after the blue screen how to do?


poor update for Microsoft is a common occurrence, almost every Windows 10 system update launched by the company may lead to various problems. Although there are not many affected users, there are still them. Recently, Microsoft released the 64-bit Windows 10 Insider preview version of the October update (KB3105208), resulting in some blue screen after the installation of the Build 10565 preview.

After some of the Insider users tried to install the update, it caused a blue screen and could not enter the desktop due to the PC not being able to boot properly.


The current temporary solution is to access the BIOS, turn off the secure boot option and restart the computer. Some users can re-enter the desktop and then uninstall to this update to access the BIOS to reactivate. This option. Naturally, if you have previously created a recovery point, you can also use this method to recover.

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