Win10 notebook search can not find Wifi? Win10 notebook wireless icon red fork problem solution


What should I do if Win10 notebook does not search for Wifi? I just bought a notebook at home, the operating system is win10. I used to use a wired connection to access the Internet a few days ago. Later I bought a wireless router. As a result, there was a case where the notebook could not find Wifi, and other devices searched for wireless network. normal. Specifically, there is a red cross on the wireless icon in the lower right corner of the Win10 notebook taskbar. It is impossible to search for the Wifi wireless network signal, so the Wifi wireless network cannot be connected. The fault phenomenon is as shown in the figure. The following small series will give you a solution to the problem of Win10 notebook wireless icon red cross, let's take a look! ~

For this kind of network problem, many netizens have asked before, this phenomenon is mostly caused by the wireless service of Win10 system not started, and has little to do with network card driver and setup. Most of the reasons are caused by temporary system problems or the elimination of wireless services.

First step, first right click on the Win10 notebook wireless icon, in the pop-up right-click menu, click to enter "Open Network and Sharing Center", as shown.

Second step, open the network sharing center, then click on the left side of the "Change adapter settings", then enter the network connection settings interface, and then find "WLAN wireless network" Then right click on its icon, in the pop-up menu, click & ldquo; Diagnostics & rdquo;, as shown below.

The third step is to wait for the Windows network diagnosis to complete, and then you will see the diagnosis result prompt “There is no Windows wireless service running on this computer”. Click here <; Try to perform these repairs as an administrator, as shown in the figure.

Step 4: If there is no accident, after successfully starting the Windows wireless service, the red cross on the wireless icon will disappear. Click the wireless network icon to successfully search and connect to the Wifi wireless. The network is gone.

Okay, here is a small series of Win10 notebooks that successfully solved the problem of not finding a Wifi wireless network. If you encounter a similar problem, try it. If you follow the above method, the problem still remains unresolved. Please restart the computer and try again. If it still cannot be solved, it is recommended to update the NIC driver or reset the system to solve it.

The above is the solution of the Win10 notebook wireless icon red cross problem summarized in this small series, hope to help everyone!

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