After upgrading Win10 Mobile preview version 10512, the boot interface non-retail mark disappeared


Yesterday, Microsoft officially pushed the mobile version of Win10 Mobile Build 10512, allegedly fixed thousands of bugs, the actual test did not disappoint everyone, especially the system as a whole In terms of it, it is very stable. Compared with the previous Win10 Mobile 10166/10240, Microsoft's Win10 Mobile Build 10512 has also entered the stage of “turning positive”, the most prominent one is the change of the boot interface.

In the Win10 preview version of the boot animation interface, the most common display is "Not Sales" non-retail" mark, but after upgrading the 10512 version, the boot animation interface There has also been no "Not Sales"

In other words, Microsoft's Win10 Mobile Build 10512 can now enter the "Sales" channel, especially distributed to OEM handset manufacturers for hardware debugging and commercial deployment. And other cooperation projects, win10 mobile phone system has been basically finalized.

Although the official version of Win10 Mobile is still a long way away from us, this Win10 Mobile Build 10512 is a new milestone in the development of Microsoft Win10 mobile platform. At least Microsoft dares to take this Mobile System "Retail" Commercialization.

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